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Our Catalog


Items in this section are usually one of a kind, and are sold on a first come, first served basis. 


Antique Oil Lamps
Aladdin Pink Lincoln Drape Marked 1995
Item Code: AOL713

SALE: $225.00
MSRP: $269.95

Red Base Oil Lamp w/ Vintage Chimney
Item Code: KM009

Price: $40.00

Vintage Oil Lamp w/ Holiday Chimney
Item Code: KM006

Price: $30.00

Clear Heritage Oil Lamp
Item Code: GM6

Price: $25.00

Vintage Oil Lamp, 20 1/2" Tall
Item Code: KM001

Price: $70.00

Beautiful "Wine Cellar" Antique Electric Oil Lamp
Item Code: WTK1001

SALE: $300.00
MSRP: $600.00

Beautiful Slim Vintage Oil Lamp
Item Code: KM011

Price: $55.00

Aladdin Aluminum Caboose Bracket Lamp
Item Code: DK732

Price: $80.00

Vintage Aladdin Lox-On Mantles
Item Code: DK730

Price: $50.00

Vintage Aladdin Mantle- Made in USA
Item Code: DK729

Price: $25.00

Aladdin Short Amber Lincoln Drape 1974
Item Code: DK725

Price: $125.00

Clear Shelf or Bracket Oil Lamp
Item Code: GM40

Price: $55.00

Vintage Flare Base Oil Lamp
Item Code: KM005

Price: $45.00

Nice Small Clear Base Oil Lamp
Item Code: GM42

Price: $25.00

Small Clear Oil Lamp w/ Flower Pattern
Item Code: AOL102

Price: $20.00

Opal Library Lamp, Hanging or Table
Item Code: AOL106

Price: $50.00

Clear Table Lamp w/ Large Bulge Chimney
Item Code: AOL107

Price: $60.00

Clear Lamp w/ Large Finger Ring
Item Code: AOL108

Price: $45.00

Small Clear Oil Lamp w/ Finger Ring
Item Code: AOL109

Price: $35.00

Clear Bracket /Table Lamp
Item Code: AOL110

Price: $45.00

Clear Glass Fount Only
Item Code: AOL114

Price: $20.00

Polygon Shaped Base w/ Glass Red Shade
Item Code: MOL504

SALE: $10.00
MSRP: 15.00

Hand Painted Antique Rose Shades  7" Fitter
Item Code: Shade101

Price: $30.00

Aladdin Plain 'Akron' 10" Shade  2 avaliable
Item Code: WTK-401 & 402

Price: $95.00

Aladdin 'Scenic  Swiss'  12" Shade   Melon Tint
Item Code: WTK403

SALE: $80.00
MSRP: 125.00

Giant Glass Vintage Oil Lamp
Item Code: AOL155

Price: $135.00

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