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Our Catalog


We maintain one of the largest inventories of replacement lantern globes in the U.S.A., with a selection of varieties that is unparalleled anywhere.  If you are unsure of what globe your lantern takes, visit our Lantern Globe Index Page.   If you don't see the globe you are looking for, please send us an email with a picture of your lantern, and the approximate dimensions of the globe you need.

Antique & Obsolete Lantern Globes
Feuerhand #75 Atom Vintage Globe (Old Stock)
Item Code: FH75VGlobe

Price: $55.00

V&O #838 Little Camper Globe
Item Code: VO838Globe

Price: $10.95
As low as $7.95

W.T. Kirkman #000 "Scout" and "Sport" Globes
Item Code: WTK000

Price: $17.95
As low as $14.95

W.T. Kirkman No. 00 U.S. Tubular Globe
Item Code: WTK00Globe

Price: $19.95
As low as $16.95

W.T. Kirkman Short No. 0 Tubular Globe
Item Code: WTK243Globe

Price: $100.00

W.T. Kirkman Two-Color No. 0 Tubular Globe
Item Code: WTK244GLOBE

SALE: $225.00
MSRP: $300.00

W.T. Kirkman No. 0 Tubular Globe
Item Code: WTK0Globe

Price: $18.95
As low as $11.95

W.T. Kirkman #203 "Pullman" Globe
Item Code: WTK203Globe

Price: $54.95

W.T. Kirkman #206 "Queen" Globe
Item Code: WTK206Globe

SALE: $24.95
MSRP: $29.95

W.T. Kirkman #999 "Kero" Short Globe
Item Code: WTK999Globe

Price: $20.95
As low as $16.95

W.T. Kirkman #364 Handlan Globe
Item Code: WTK364Globe

Price: $19.95

W.T. Kirkman #425 Dietz "Vesta" Globe
Item Code: WTK425Globe

Price: $24.95
As low as $20.95

W.T. Kirkman #839 "Tall" Railroad Globe
Item Code: WTK839Globe

Price: $24.95
As low as $20.95

W.T. Kirkman #806 "New York Central" Pattern Globe
Item Code: WTK806Globe

Price: $26.95
As low as $21.95

WTK #400 Engineers Lantern Globe
Item Code: WTK400

Price: $14.95

WTK #525 Dark/Deck Lantern Globe
Item Code: WTK525Globe

Price: $29.95
As low as $25.95

Dietz #844 "Night Watch" Fresnel Globe (Old Stock)
Item Code: Dietz844VGlobe

Price: $37.00

Dietz #853 "Traffic Gard" Fresnel Globe (Old Stock)
Item Code: GLO-853-V

Price: $24.95
As low as $22.95

W.T. Kirkman #855 "Traffic Gard" Plain Globe
Item Code: WTK855Globe

Price: $14.95
As low as $12.95

W.T. Kirkman #246 "No. 2 Tubular" Globe
Item Code: WTK246Globe

Price: $39.95

Brass Tubular No. 10 Globe
Item Code: BT10

Price: $17.95

Dietz #851-1927 Ceramic Red Little Wizard Globe
Item Code: Dietz851-1927

Price: $9.95

Rayo #19 Bullseye Globe with Red Flashed Back
Item Code: RAYO319BE

Price: $35.00

W.T. Kirkman #550 "Peerless" Globe
Item Code: WTK550

Price: $49.95

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