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 Adlake Lamp Schematics
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No. 270 Tail Lamp No. 1112 Switch Lamp
No. 1221 Marker Lamp No. 1283 Marker Lamp
No. 1307 Switch Lamp

Railroad Lantern Parts
Adlake #10-2-59 Type 55-K Switch/Marker Lamp Chimney
Item Code: Adlake10-2-59 (20-MS-2625)

SALE: $15.00
MSRP: $25.00

Adlake 200/250 Wire Bail
Item Code: AW-200-B

Price: $7.95

Adlake #11/Adams Bail (Short Hook)
Item Code: AW-1895-B

Price: $8.95

Adlake Pre-War 300 Kero Bail (Pre-1944)
Item Code: AW21372-OLD

Price: $7.95

Adlake Post-War 300 Kero Bail (Post-1944)
Item Code: AW21372-NEW

Price: $7.95

Adlake Reliable Bail (Long Hook)
Item Code: AW-R-B

Price: $7.95

Adlake Round Top Lamp Bail (Old Style)
Item Code: P2385-RT

Price: $8.00

Adlake Square Top Lamp Bail
Item Code: AW2385

Price: $9.95

Adlake KERO Top Catch (Spring) Wire
Item Code: AW2121

Price: $7.50

Adlake #300 KERO Burner (Bayonet Type)
Item Code: AW25278

Price: $19.95

Adlake #300 KERO Fount (Bayonet Type)
Item Code: AW23167

Price: $12.95

Adlake Adams Fount 1895 Type (w/ #1 Hoop)
Item Code: AW-1895-F1

Price: $35.00

Adlake Reliable Fount (w/ #1 Hoop)
Item Code: AW-R-F1

Price: $35.00

Adlake Reliable Fount (w/ #2 Hoop)
Item Code: AW-R-F2

Price: $35.00

Adlake Pullman Fount, Brass
Item Code: AW-PF-B

Price: $60.00

Adlake Pullman Fount, Nickel Plated Brass
Item Code: AW-PF-N

Price: $100.00

Adlake Queen Fount, Brass
Item Code: AW-QF-B

Price: $60.00

Adlake Queen Fount, Nickel Plated Brass
Item Code: AW-QF-N

Price: $100.00

Kelly Lantern Fount, Brass
Item Code: JK-F-B

Price: $60.00

Kelly Lantern Fount, Nickel Plated Brass
Item Code: JK-F-N

Price: $100.00

W.T. Kirkman #240 Handlan Oil Pot
Item Code: WTK240

Price: $30.00

W.T. Kirkman #318 Drop-In Oil Pot
Item Code: WTK318

Price: $24.95

Adlake Round Top No. 169 Switch Lamp Fount
Item Code: P169-FOUNT

Price: $35.00

Adlake Round Top No. 175 Switch Lamp Fount
Item Code: 175-FOUNT

Price: $45.00

Adlake No. 270 Marker Lamp Fount, (#17)
Item Code: P2415

Price: $59.95

Milwaukee Switch Lamp Fount
Item Code: SK-MSLF

Price: $50.00

Adlake Lamp Hoods-4"
Item Code: P23150

Price: $12.00

Adlake Lamp Hoods-4 1/8"
Item Code: P23150-4 1/8

Price: $12.00

Item Code: P23133

Price: $12.00

Item Code: P23495

Price: $12.00

Item Code: P231217

Price: $12.00

Adlake 4 1/2” Coupling Ring
Item Code: AW23199

Price: $25.50

Adlake 4 1/2” Wide Coupling Ring
Item Code: AW231391

Price: $25.50

Adlake 5 3/8” Coupling Ring
Item Code: AW23658

Price: $25.50

Adlake 6 3/8” Coupling Ring
Item Code: AW24346

Price: $25.50

No. 1 Male Slip Collar (Adapter)
Item Code: P24113

Price: $9.00

Adlake Switch Lamp Fount Adapter Plate
Item Code: P234060

Price: $9.50

Adlake Filler Cap
Item Code: P28-1-45

Price: $4.00

Item Code: AW2454

Price: $24.50

Adlake #270 Marker Lamp Bail Ear
Item Code: AW2458

Price: $5.50

Adlake 270 Marker Lamp Floor
Item Code: P231752

Price: $30.00

Adlake 1221 Marker Lamp Floor
Item Code: P24315

Price: $30.00

Item Code: AW23186

Price: $10.00

Item Code: AW23190

Price: $50.00

Item Code: AW23191

Price: $25.00

Adlake #1112 Switch Lamp Body Hinge
Item Code: AW23193

Price: $20.00

Adlake #1112 Switch Lamp Body Hasp
Item Code: AW23197

Price: $24.00

Adlake 10” 5 3/8” Target (Black Enamel)
Item Code: AW231846

Price: $33.50

Armspear 1925 Bail-Late Style
Item Code: SK-900-A1925

Price: $7.95

Armspear Early Bottom Draft Lamp Fount Cup
Item Code: SK-ALFC

Price: $49.00

Armspear Brass Filler Cap 7/8”-24
Item Code: SK-AFC

Price: $8.95

Item Code: SK-900-ALB

Price: $8.95

Item Code: SK-LGS-4

Price: $10.00

Item Code: SK-LGS-4.5

Price: $10.00

Item Code: SK-LGS-5.375

Price: $10.00

Item Code: SK-LH-4

Price: $16.00

Item Code: SK-LH-4.5

Price: $16.00

Item Code: SK-LH-5.375

Price: $16.00

Armspear Peephole Repair Kit
Item Code: SK-PRK

Price: $22.50

3” Convex Lens, Red
Item Code: MEG-2900

Price: $16.00

4” Convex Lens
Item Code: MEG-2904

Price: $30.00

4 1/2” Convex Lens
Item Code: MEG-2908

Price: $32.00

5” Convex Lens
Item Code: MEG-2913

Price: $35.00

5 3/8” Convex Lens
Item Code: MEG-2915

Price: $40.00

6 3/8” Convex Lens
Item Code: MEG-2919

Price: $45.00

CL-25 Pyle-National 5 3/8" Lens Clamp Ring
Item Code: WTK-CL-25

Price: $30.00

Adlake #270 Marker Lamp Bracket
Item Code: P231583

Price: $75.00

“G” Socket Marker Lamp Bracket
Item Code: P232390

Price: $26.00

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