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Misc. Replacement Parts

Embury Luck-E-Lite Decal
Item Code: LEL

Price: $4.95

Embury "Luck-E-Lite" Bracket
Item Code: LELB

Price: $5.95

#WLB Wagon Lamp Bracket
Item Code: WLB

Price: $6.95

Replacement Sangster Clips
Item Code: WTK-RSC

Price: $4.00

#0 Hot Blast Lantern Lift Tab
Item Code: 900-0

Price: $4.00

#900R Brass Finger Pull Ring
Item Code: 900R

Price: $1.00

#900D Finger Pull Ring
Item Code: 900D

Price: $1.00

#900S Streamline Finger Pull Ring
Item Code: 900S

Price: $1.00

#900L Monarch Globe Lift Lever
Item Code: 900L

Price: $1.00

#910-1 Small Replacement Bail
Item Code: 910-1

Price: $1.00

#910-2 Large Replacement Bail
Item Code: 910-2

Price: $1.00

#940-10 Hot Blast Lantern Guide Clips
Item Code: 940-10

Price: $1.00

#950-6 6" Dia. Silvered Glass Reflector
Item Code: 950-6

Price: $29.95

#950-7   7" Dia. Silvered Glass Reflector
Item Code: 950-7

Price: $29.95

#950-8 8" Silvered Glass Reflector
Item Code: 950-8

Price: $34.95

#950-10 10" Silvered Glass Reflector
Item Code: 950-10

Price: $39.95

#950-12 12" Silvered Glass Reflector
Item Code: 950-12

Price: $49.95

Adlake Post-War 300 Kero Bail (Post-1944)
Item Code: AW21372-NEW

Price: $7.95

#3 Globe Street & Pioneer Globe Lift
Item Code: 3001

Price: $25.00

#3002 Pioneer and #3 Air Tube Elbow
Item Code: 3002

Price: $5.00

#3011 Replacement Brass Burner Cog
Item Code: 3011

Price: $6.00

#3002 Pioneer and #3 Reflector
Item Code: 3013

Price: $25.00

W.T.K. Replacement Tubular Lamp Door Kits

Price: $40.00

#1010 Monarch Replacement Cage Guard
Item Code: 1010

Price: $5.00

Dietz Victor Tank Bottom
Item Code: 960-V

Price: $8.95

Dietz Royal Tank Bottom
Item Code: 960-R

Price: $9.95

#0 Size Center Tube Spring
Item Code: 990-0

Price: $3.00

#1 Size Chimney Spring
Item Code: 990-1

Price: $3.00

#2 Size Chimney Spring
Item Code: 990-2

Price: $3.00

Stainless Steel Bracket Lamp Reflector
Item Code: BP-00680T

Price: $19.95

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